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It's easy to get caught up in the details when you're thinking about training your dog: how long? how much?  I'd like you to stop and think about the larger dimensions of what you're doing. Of course you want your dog to sit and stay, etc., but what you're really after is a partnership.  So that instead of being one more thing for you to manage, she's on your side, an asset instead of just another demand on your time and energy.

Barring serious time constraints or behavioral problems that you really shouldn't try to address alone, classes offer the lowest-cost, most effective way to train your dog. Your dog is no dummy -- with a reasonably short period of sustained work, she can learn all of the Novice exercises: sit, down, stay, heel, come, and, as a bonus, Place (this is a really useful way to "Park" your dog someplace).

Class is $200 for 8 weeks, and if you do the work, you and your dog will be experiencing the joy and freedom of off-leash heeling at the end of that time.  Don't miss out! Contact us to see if the class format is right for you!
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