Catherine holds a Ph.D. in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology from Penn State's College of Medicine. She spent her science years working on Drosophila genetics, eventually having a hand in both the fruit fly and human genome projects. She strives to train dogs in a biologically coherent way.


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About the Trainer

Catherine Nelson has been training dogs in the Davis-Dixon area for 11 years.  Trained as a scientist, she is capable of evaluating competing claims in the unfortunately polarized world of dog training. Committed to a reasonable, humane and biologically sound approach to training dogs, her goal is to help you nurture and train the kind of dog who will be a supportive and devoted companion.

Do you want an off-leash reliable dog? A dog you can take into public, on a hike, on vacation, without fear of loss, embarrassment or lawsuit?  Let me help.  

Off-leash walks with the pack - call it an extended family if you like - are the key to a well-adjusted dog.
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